Jillian Pouch & Ross O Brien 17th Sept

jillianStarted Filmed At Jillians house with the Bridal preparations and there was no drama all ran very smooth. I went then to Church of the Divine word which was a lovely church nestled in among houses  Fr Jim Mulherin was the priest and we had lovely music by Faye Potts

Jillians car was a 1950 Silver Wraith supplied by Cassidys Chauffeurs 

We went to take the magnificent Druids Glen Resort  for the Reception were Mr Nessa Karney was waiting to receive them and like always the day there went with out a hitch. The Wedding band were a seven piece led by The band the LOLS 

It was a great day and I look forward to meeting Jillian & Ross on there return from there honeymoon










Jillian & Ross Wedding Highlight from Cyril Fox on Vimeo.

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